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Why it Takes More Than Designers and Code to Build a Profits Driven Website

A business-driven website should be much more than pleasing to the eye. As well as delivering your key brand messages, your website should be effective at generating sales and inquiries and opening up your business to wider opportunities across the globe.

Suitably professional web design is essential to ensure the best quality business website, but other keys to a truly effective website include the right user experience, brand positioning and all-round business strategy.

The Futura team has therefore decided to outline in more detail why the design and coding of your website are just some of the elements that contribute to its effectiveness.

Your brand strategy & positioning

Branding is an essential part of a successful online strategy for both small and large businesses. Aspects of effective online branding include such measures as the best-formulated business logo and the use of a consistent style and theme across a company’s entire portfolio, encompassing its website, social media pages and offline marketing activities.

Your brand position should play a key role in the choices that you make when designing your website. Determining your competitors and working out how you want to set your business apart will help you to generate leads and attract an audience.

After all, the internet is an overcrowded marketplace, and there are likely hundreds of websites offering the same general skills and services as your business, so it is essential that you position your brand accordingly to set your services apart.

Once your brand position has been solidified, it is important to speak to your customers in an appropriate manner. Using calls to action, targeting your marketing to specific demographics and conducting in-depth market research and competitor analysis are all key to a great website.

Your business strategy

Determining and implementing your business strategy in relation to your website can have a significant impact on its effectiveness. After all, a website can seem to be worth a million pounds, but it must also meet your business’s most specialised practical requirements.

You should therefore place a great emphasis on the direction of your business, focus on the markets in which you wish to operate and think of how you can react to or challenge your competitors.

Such measures as customer testimonials or free trials for software or services provide leverage and allow you to engage with customers in a risk-free environment. In the process, you can gain the advantage of harnessing their valuable contact information, such as email addresses or telephone numbers, which can later be used for marketing and sales purposes.

Your brand’s voice

The voice of your brand is another essential factor to consider – communicating the right messages and ethos can encourage a customer to place greater trust in you, so you should aim to write quality content every time.

In addition, web design features such as calls to action should be used to demonstrate your willingness to speak directly with your customers. Rather than a one-sided and static website, language such as ‘call us today for a free quote’ should be used to increase audience engagement with your company as a means of better meeting your business’s grander goals and objectives.

Could your website benefit from a complimentary  website, brand positioning and digital strategy audit? If so, contact our team here at Futura on 020 7993 4477, and we will assist you in determining the next important steps for your online business.

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