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9 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Growing Your Restaurant

Your company website should be your star sales performer and fee earner.  It should generate valuable enquiries on a weekly basis, open up your business to global opportunities and attract the kind of lucrative clients, whom you would not necessarily meet via word of mouth marketing or your existing business networks.

Your website needs to be built with the aim of converting visitors into MOTIVATED customers, yet the vast majority of websites are built as passive online brochures rather than compelling sales pipelines, thus simply failing to perform.

Great design and technical skills are basic prerequisites for a business driven website, but for your website to be truly turbocharged and accelerate your success, your web design company needs to be adept at brand positioning, consumer psychology, content writing, business strategy and competitor analysis not to mention marketing and business development.

When the aforementioned skills underpin the development of your website and they work in synergy, true business growth manifests! If your website isn’t actively growing your business, it may be a victim of at least one of the following issues.

1.Your website design is too generic and fails to make an impact

 Every website needs to be created on the foundation of a strong and compelling brand positioning strategy, which answers the fundamental sales question “Why choose us?” If your website has been built using a pre-set template or theme, it will fail to differentiate your business from your competitors and express what is truly unique about your business.

Make sure you invest in a truly bespoke web design, like the type we design at Futura, to give your potential customers a powerful first impression that excites and engages them.

2.Your website is not speaking directly to your customers

 A stunning website with uninspiring content is akin to a very attractive sales director with zero personality.  It will fail to hold attention and convert sales. Your website content needs to be compelling, emotive and sales driven to clearly position your brand, express consumer BENEFITS and motivate them to take immediate purchasing action.

The content on your website needs to be structured as a nuanced and subtle sales pipeline, rather than pages of passive information that will cause visitors to switch off.

If potential customers don’t understand what you are offering, why you are their best purchasing option and what they should do next, you will fail to convert website visits into profitable new business.

3.You don’t have a content strategy to direct traffic to your website.

The right content marketing is essential not only to improve your business’s search engine rankings (SEO), but also to establish your business’s credibility, direct traffic back to your website and generate leads. We recommend starting a blog or knowledgebase on your website where you regularly post relevant and useful content that addresses your target client’s needs and concerns and which adds value.

Your content needs to be marketed intelligently and effectively to drive targeted traffic back to your website. Contact us about our content strategy and creation services and how these can benefit your business.

4.Your website doesn’t feature calls to action

 Every website needs to have a measurable end outcome that you direct your visitors to and against which you can measure performance. Whether you want visitors to sign up to a mailing list or request a complimentary consultation or make a purchase, intelligent calls to action and a great user journey on your website are essential for generating leads.

5.You don’t use landing pages

 The right landing pages are essential for businesses that rely on generating leads through their website. Not only can such pages be used to segment your audience by sector, industry category or purchasing interest – and address their specific purchasing needs and concerns, but they can also encourage users to interact with your business on a deeper level and purchase specific products and services. (To see how this is best deployed, visit the main part of our website)

6.You don’t utilise social media to drive visitors to your website

 Social media should be a major part of any online business’s marketing strategy – without it, you’re missing out on a huge potential clientele. We advise clients to focus on one social media channel to focus on to “build community” and drive traffic to your website. For consumer and lifestyle brands this will typically be Facebook and Instagram and for business to business brands, efforts should be focused on Twitter and Linkedin.  Your social media activities need to be guided by a well thought out strategy to produce commercial results for your business.

7.Your website isn’t mobile friendly

Mobile phone browsing overtook desktop browsing in 2014, so the importance of a website that has been built to be mobile friendly should never be underestimated. If prospective clients are visiting your website on their mobile phone and are not presented with a mobile-friendly website, they’re more likely to click away and visit one of your competitors.  Don’t let that happen!

8.You don’t have a strong SEO strategy

 If you don’t have a strong search engine optimisation strategy and can’t be found by your ideal clients in Google, you will be short-circuiting the success of your business. Whilst SEO is a long-term investment that can take some months to achieve results, we can say from our own experience that it creates the best return on investment of any marketing activity and has opened our business up to global sales opportunities we would not have been able to leverage through other means.

9. You haven’t added video to your website

Video is a great way to empower every aspect of your website’s communication, whether it be a show-reel that brings your products and services to life, videos of client testimonials that are more credible than a written one or content for your blog that is delivered in an exciting and dynamic way.  The style of video on your website needs to integrate seamlessly with the design, written content and your website’s “user journey” to truly add value.

If you feel that your website could be working harder to grow your business and would like to request a complimentary audit of your website, call us on 0207 993 4477 or send us an email at

We’ll be happy to identify how we can align your website with your business growth goals and wider marketing strategy to accelerate your success.

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