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gelato branding

Founded in 1930, Marine Ices is the UK’s oldest Gelato manufacturer, supplying of retailers and consumers alike. Futura partnered with Marine Ices to build a differentiated, engaging brand that was positioned for aggressive B2B and B2C sales growth, re-establishing Marine Ices dominance in what had become a highly crowded sector.

What We Did
  • Rebranded The Company
  • Increased Awareness And Reach
  • Generated New Leads
  • Grew Sales

The Challenge

Before we worked with them, most of the business’s revenue came from old trade accounts, local customers and word of mouth, rather than a targeted marketing strategy that reached out to Gelato lovers across London and the rest of the UK.

Whilst Marine Ices was the pioneer of Gelato Ice Cream in London, over the years the brand that had lost relevance and stagnated due to a lack of investment in branding and marketing. The brand message, marketing collateral and photography poorly represented the inimitable taste and quality that Marine Ices was renowned for.

Marine Ices knew that they boasted exceptional ice cream, which once experienced would result in repeat custom at their parlour and through more trade orders. Their core business problem was that they had lost significant market share to emerging Gelato brands– and they had no active strategy for new customer acquisition in order to re-invigorate the business.

The Solution

Marine ices needed a branding strategy that delivered excitement, that could then be rolled out across multiple marketing channels to boost sales and profitability across the business , which amplified differentiation. We launched an entirely new brand idea, “Endless Summer, Whatever The Weather”.

The strategy was to tie Marine Ices more closely to the experiences and feelings that we wanted people to associate with their ice cream. Marine Ices’ gelato represents the metaphorical “taste” of those great summer feelirngs. The brand has been positioned as a contemporary aspirational one, backed by 85 years of heritage.

We aligned the brand experience across the website and all print and point of sale collateral, equipped with stunning photography that we creatively directed, to effectively communicate the brand message and reposition the Marine Ices brand.

With a luxury design, logical user journey, compelling copy writing and a search engine friendly build, the website was redeveloped from a passive online brochure to an active sales pipeline.

The marketing strategy we have created for Marine Ices has been a multi-channel one from building up reviews on review sites, increasing their PR exposure with glowing reviews published in several newspapers, SEO, social media strategy, copy writing of their sales materials, consultancy on better conversion from trade shows and business development training using Linkedin.

the results

Our brand positioning solution has been commercially powerful and stunning to behold and has manifested in a 150% increase in sales and profits for Marine Ices within 12 months.

They have been delighted with the increase in trade and consumer enquiries and the speed at which these have converted into lucrative new business, thanks to a clearly articulated brand proposition, cross channel marketing and training of their sales teams to increase conversions.

The brand has won back significant market share and achieved recognition from their competitors and existing clients alike. We look forward to their continued growth and success.

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“Over the last 6 months, Futura have been a highly trusted business growth partner for Marine Ices and have been instrumental in the growth of our business though increase trade and consumer sales.”

“I had put off setting up a website and creating a digital business strategy for our company for several years and a chance conversation with Futura opened my eyes to the business development potential of the Internet for my business and how a professional web presence that was backed up by a relevant marketing strategy would align with my business goals.

Anyone who meets Futura will understand why working with them is such an obvious choice. They are business driven, intelligent and passionate with a real flair for getting under the skin of every business that they are evaluating. Put simply, Futura are the kind of company you don't want your competitors to find out about.

“I had put off setting up a website and creating a digital business strategy for our company for several years and a chance conversation with Futura open”

director, marine ices